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An Old Friend (starter for jenessa-the-darkwraith)


It had been a long day, a bit tiring but more tedious than anything else. At this point he expected nothing more to happen. Jaqi had retired to her room, Quelaag was guarding the entrance while they rested after their day. He most especially expected nothing further to happen, but something deep in him felt as though something would. An odd feeling to say the least, but it was an interesting one.

He lit on of his cigar and sat back in one of the chairs in his room, smoking and just relaxing for the most part. After a moment of sitting there in the silence, he could hear the sounds of possibly someone moving above them, indicating that someone had entered the the Domain above, likely to be slaughtered by Quelaag in a bit. It was incredibly muffled but Jack’s trained ears could hear it well. However something kind of surprised him, there was no follow up of Quelaag stomping around or even a struggle, it made him wonder if someone they knew came by, but his mind just immediately jumped to it being Jaqi’s girlfriend, and he continued to relax in his chair.

A few minutes passed, the blissful sound of silence being the only thing in Jack’s room beyond the cigar smoke. But as he continued to sit in his chair, he could hear what sounded like footsteps coming down the hallway. He of course, only believed that this was just like he thought before, one of Jaqi’s partners coming to see her, nothing in regards to him. But then, it grew closer, and closer, and then, it seemed to stop at his door. He didn’t react really, but her focused his eyes on the door, waiting for something. And then, knocking followed of course. Instead of answering it, too weirded out honestly, only called out to beyond the door.

"…um, come in…" He said wondering who the hell it might be just beyond his door.

Maybe it wasn’t the best of plans. Actually it probably ranked fairly high on her list of plans that were terrible. But the former Darkwraith had to make things right and so she very reluctantly left the City of Lords and headed down the familiar path towards Quelaag’s domain, blade in hand and armor on her back. 

The trip was no less enjoyable as it had been months ago when she had made the trip but now with the trepidation of facing her friends that she hadn’t seen in several months made the trip seem even longer than it should have been but Jenessa it was time to face the proverbial music.

Crossing the muck was just as disgusting as she remembered but she was at least able to vent her feelings with her Iaito as she struck with calm precision at the massive boulders hurled at her, the strength born from training finally coming to a excellent use. Moving through the mud with the speed and footing granted her by her visit to the old Asylum, Jenessa dodged left and then right as the boulders flew at her. 

Spotting a ridge rising out of the muck ahead, she forced another burst of speed out of her legs. Using the momentum, she jumped the last half a dozen feet to the far bank and using the motion to cleave through the infested hollow in front of her, the creature falling apart with an anguished howl. 

A few minutes later, she strode down the entrance into Quelaag’s domain, Jenessa slashed the blade in a downward arc and left a crimson semicircle on the tunnel wall. The usual low roar of the drider witch greeted Jenessa and with a careful bow, the Darkmoon removed her black hood and cowl. Her long hair easily reached past her shoulders now and was only barely contained in a loose ponytail. 

"Quelaag." Jenessa smiled as the Chaos Witch’s weapon was slowly lowered. "I have business with another…" 

…so when he spoke for her to open the door, Jenessa looked at the crimson blade that she wore across her waist. The blade was tied shut with two black ribbons but the first had frayed and was hanging loose. She had made no effort to repair the damage, Jenessa knew that time would allow her to wield the weapon when the weapon was ready to be released once more. 

With a deep breath, she obscured the blade underneath her cloak as she pushed the door. 

"Kept you waiting, huh?" 

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Derpy Rocks ^3^ 
Source : Derpy Fidgets by cheezedoodle96


Derpy Rocks ^3^ 

Source : Derpy Fidgets by cheezedoodle96

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